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Annelise Skovmand, Voice Professor

ANNELISE SKOVMAND is a Danish-American soprano, graduated from the Boston Conservatory at Berklee with a Bachelor of Music in Vocal Performance with an Emphasis in Opera. 

Ms. Skovmand’s wide range of repertoire ranges from popular music (with ROSA INCAICA, Argentine folk music), chamber music, contemporary new music premieres and opera with performances in Argentina, Europe, Mexico and the United States. 

A student of Jeanie Lovetri, she studied with professors and vocal coaches from the Metropolitan Opera (NYC), New York City Opera, Broadway, New York University, Boston Lyric Opera and Boston University, among others. 

With over 20 years of experience teaching singing and vocal technique, she also works with her students to perfect works of various vocal repertoires: chamber music, opera, popular and musical theater, folk and tango.

Based in Argentina since 1998, she maintains a busy private voice studio where she has trained students from beginners through professional singers, counting among them international opera star countertenor Franco Fagioli. 

Between 1998 and 2002, Ms. Skovmand served as head of the Voice Department at the Conservatorio de Música of the Province of Tucumán (Argentina). She has worked as vocal coach for choral ensembles, theater groups, musical theatre and zarzuela. She has given Master classes in chamber music and on Argentinean music at various universities in the US, including Columbia University, the Boston Conservatory at Berklee and Stetson University. 

She currently teaches private voice lessons in her studio located in Buenos Aires and addresses the different technical and repertoire needs of her students.  She also offers virtual voice lessons via the Internet. She utilizes different technical approaches based in science with diverse vocal pedagogy resources to work dynamically with singers in support of their vocal growth and/or correcting technical problems of their vocal function.

Have you always wanted to learn to sing? Just visiting Buenos Aires or living here permanently? Find your singing voice with fun, dynamic and personalized voice classes! 

  • Private voice lessons for BEGINNERS through PROFESSIONALS
  • All musical styles: 
    • Classical
    • Opera
    • Musical Theater
    • Folk
    • Tango  
  • Vocal technique, relaxation, posture, breath support 
  • Diction, interpretation and repertoire in English, German, French, Italian and Spanish

Classes given in English or Spanish in her private voice studio in Barrio Norte (Buenos Aires) --- or online.

Online Voice Lessons

In addition to in-person lessons in her voice studio in Buenos Aires, she also offers ONLINE classes, using the latest technologies to connect to her students world-wide.

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Student Testimonials

"Annelise is a teacher with a lot of artistic and pedagogical experience. For me that is crucial in a teacher: one that not only knows how to teach and what path to take with each singer, but also the ultimate goal: to perform an artistic act with emotional commitment. Each class is an experience in experimentation and discovery is the constant. The result: a lot of motivation. " 
--- Juan Pablo Vercesi, Tenor

"Annelise integrates technique very well with the sense of the body.  Her teaching is grounded in a very fine analysis of the individual vocal production and seeks to liberate the voice through the organic use of the body. She always tells me 'singing is like breathing', you just have to realize that ... and let go. "

--- Luis Otero, Speech Language Therapist

"Annelise is a true treasure. Don't let her astounding CV and albums scare you, as she is warm, fun and 100% devoted to you every second of every lesson. Her teachings and methods surprised me (as a very true amateur singer) but after a couple of weeks everything she said started taking on more and more value, as I realized just how much she knows EVERYTHING about voice, music and the potential of her students."

--- Claudia Fernández, amateur tango singer

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