Travelogue: ROSA INCAICA Celebrates Joni Mitchell/Diario de viaje: ROSA INCAICA Interpreta a Joni Mitchell

Travelogue: ROSA INCAICA Celebrates Joni Mitchell 

ROSA INCAICA (Annelise Skovmand, voice and Pablo González Jazey, guitar) presents the concert: "Travelogue: ROSA INCAICA Performs Joni Mitchell", celebrating the genius of singer-songwriter Joni Mitchell in a concert of selections from throughout her prolific musical life. Audiences will take a musical journey through her career, reliving “old” favorites and discovering “new” songs that touch the soul.  

November 7th, 2018 marked Joni Mitchell’s 75th birthday. In celebration, on this date ROSA INCAICA launched its new musical project: presenting this gorgeous repertoire in concert. 

After 20 years of music-making together, exploring songs of The Beatles and John Dowland and Argentine folk and chamber music, with their unique interpretations and arrangements, on this occasion, soprano Annelise Skovmand and guitarist Pablo González Jazey return to songs in English presenting this fabulous repertoire.

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Click here to download a PDF with the information about the concert proposal: Joni Mitchell Concert Proposal - Rosa Incaica

Diario de viaje: ROSA INCAICA Interpreta a Joni Mitchell

ROSA INCAICA (Annelise Skovmand, canto y Pablo González Jazey, guitarra) celebra a la genial cantautora canadiense Joni Mitchell interpretando una selección de sus memorables canciones en la propuesta de concierto: Diario de Viaje: ROSA INCAICA Interpreta a Joni Mitchell.  A través de "clásicos" favoritos se realiza un recorrido musical a lo largo de su prolífica vida musical. 

El 7 de noviembre de 2018 marcó el 75o cumpleaños de Joni Mitchell. En celebración, ROSA INCAICA lanzó su nuevo proyecto musical Diario de Viaje: ROSA INCAICA Interpreta a Joni Mitchell con un concierto en el Espacio Tucumán (CABA) con la participación de Pablo Olivera (piano y bajo), Nico Echeverría (percusión) y Carlos Lastra (saxo). 

Después de 20 años de hacer música juntos, explorando la música de Los Beatles y de John Dowland como así también la música de cámara y folclórica argentina, con sus interpretaciones originales; en esta ocasión, la cantante Annelise Skovmand y el guitarrista Pablo González Jazey presentan este magnífico repertorio en concierto. 

About/Acerca de Joni Mitchell

 “When the world becomes a massive mess with nobody at the helm, it's time for artists to make their mark.”  ----Joni Mitchell 

Sing-songwriter Joni Mitchell has done just that – she has left her mark with her beautiful soprano voice and her unique guitar-picking performances. She is one of the most influential and authentic recording artists of the 20th century, creating songs with very personal lyrics and visual imagery.  Hailing from the folk idiom, Joni created her own personal style with jazz, pop and rock influences being heard in her music making throughout her career, with powerful, refined and colorful poetry telling her personal story that resonates with the listener. 

“My music is not designed to grab instantly. It’s designed to wear for a lifetime, to hold up like a fine cloth,” she once said.

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