Impeccable union of voice and guitar…there is a warmth and musicality that never disappears for an instant ”

Pablo Kohan, La Nación (Buenos Aires)


  • ROSA INCAICA: Argentine Contemporary Folk & Classical Music
  • Members: Annelise Skovmand, voice & Pablo González Jazey, guitar
  • Genre: World (Argentina/Latin American) & Classical Music

Experience the lilting lyricism of the Argentine zamba or the rich rhythm of the chacarera with the intimate and passionate interpretations of ROSA INCAICA! Guitarist Pablo González Jazey – with his subtle style – and singer Annelise Skovmand – possessor of an expressive, unique vocal timbre – take audiences on a musical journey through Argentina and Latin America with their unique interpretations of traditional and contemporary folk songs from the region. The group's musical expedition combines repertoire rooted in the folk tradition, including original compositions, with arrangements that broach the classical chamber music world.

ROSA INCAICA began as the Inca Rose Duo undertaking the works of Argentinean classical composers Alberto Ginastera and Carlos Guastavino in their CD Flores Argentinas: “…a delicate and balanced lilt between the traditions of folk and art song,” as described by poet León Benarós. Their musical collaboration began more than a decade earlier with their recording Things We Said Tomorrow - a CD wherein John Dowland and Lennon-McCartney cohabitate in a very exceptional way with a selection of Catalonian folk songs. Now, collaborating with artists from both the folk and classical realms, ROSA INCAICA travels a new path in the field of popular folk music, exploring its own signature sound.

ROSA INCAICA has delighted audiences in Argentina, Europe and the United States, presenting programs that celebrate the music from Argentina, including songs by Astor Piazzolla, Atahualpa Yupanqui, Carlo Gardel, Fito Páez, Cuchi Leguizamón, and Eduardo Falú, among others. The duo offers lecture-demonstrations and seminars on the music and poetry of Argentina and master classes for voice, guitar and chamber music.

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Press Links

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Rosa Incaica, folklore argentino nacido en los Estados Unidos (Rosa Incaica, Argentine folk music born in the United States) ---La Nación, Buenos Aires

Impecable reunión de voz y guitarra (Impecable union of voice and guitar) ---Pablo Kohan, La Nación, Buenos Aires

Tango y folklore con espiritú lírico (Tango and Folklore with operatic spirit) ----La Nación, Buenos Aires

Un Trio que le pone alas a la múscia (A trio that gives music wings) ---La Gaceta, Tucumán, Argentina

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